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saigon community radio would not operate without the efforts of its creatures, collaborators, creators, cross-contaminators transmitting direct to you with everything they’ve got. Below you’ll find traces of the people that have been here and broadcasted in some way or another. You can investigate a little further and find out exactly what they’re doing here. Maybe you have something you'd like us to see or hear - get in touch by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.


Name: nguyên

Map: saigon | hanoi, VN

Originals: bạc liêu, VN

Does: play with things

Doesn't: do human resources

URL: [missing]

SNS: [missing]


Name: KIMTrang

Map: saigon, VN

Originals: saigon, VN

Does: computer games

Doesn't: make music, lol kidding

URL: [missing]

SNS: Chang Kim


Name: oded

Map: saigon, VN | london, UK

Originals: tel aviv, IL

Does: mental stuff

Doesn't: do social media

URL: psycho-therapeia.com

SNS: [missing]


Name: nathan

Map: saigon, VN

Originals: melbourne, AU

Does: umami

Doesn't: carpet

URL: nathancollis.net

SNS: sandspiel.club


Name: danny

Map: saigon, VN

Originals: saigon, VN

Does: translating, shitposting, +++

Doesn't: wake up before midday unless phone rings

URL: [missing]

SNS: @tu.truong.9421


Name: joꓘe

Map: saigon, VN

Originals: london, UK

Does: websites, DJ, +++

Doesn't: like it when you take his peanut butter

URL: jokesoundz.hotglue.me

SNS: @jokesoundz

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