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                            BOOKS R PEOPLE 2


The library is a place to learn things you don't know.

It's a place to find out you aren't the only person who thinks like that!

To realise that there is so much inside this world that has been outside of your world for so long.

It's a place to be quiet.

To be humble.

To learn.


Tiếng Việt / English

Here there is endless information

Welcome to the information age. Everything is accessible. Nothing makes sense.

So come with us on a journey to the darkside of the universe, to the deepest oceans of truth, to the underground of knowledge and understanding. MUSIC!

- underground -

"the only thing i know, is that i know nothing"

-----smart ass

wizard casting spell

about: knowledge and understanding

This section is going to be developed by people who are from and/ or love saigon <3 for sharing their knowledge and understanding with you...

music tools table

Here artists, experimenters, wise old people, young fresh people explain their experiences of making and creating music, noise, sounds and more.

[...share your experience, help our community grow...]

tool type tool name wizdom
production ableton live
(✖╭╮✖) no wizdom
production fl studio also known as 'fruity loops'
live coding tidal cycles
(✖╭╮✖) no wizdom
live coding pure data
(✖╭╮✖) no wizdom
DJ rekordbox rekordbox is a place to store and organise your music if you want to mix tracks and ultimately DJ at parties (✖╭╮✖) needs more wizdom tho!!
DJ serato serato is a similar software to rekordbox for organising music, useful for DJs, but you are probably going to have to decide which one you prefer and only use that one. It gets messy when you have a lot of tracks and want to use both! Do your research (✖╭╮✖) needs more wizdom!!
DJ traktor
(✖╭╮✖) no wizdom
DJ lite Mixxx
(✖╭╮✖) no wizdom
DJ lite WeDJ It's great to get started, and for using alongside one of the WEGO controllers from pioneer. One of the lower priced DJ turntable series out there.
DJ lite djay
(✖╭╮✖) no wizdom

Try stuff out yourself. And once you've got started, look around, ask for advice, or maybe sign up to some courses either online or in-person. There's plenty of courses and stuff going on in Saigon (once we're out of lockdown).

- deepest oceans -

"Language is a virus from outer space."

-----William Burroughs

nyan cat

about: truth

This section contains lots of words - jargon - confusing words, words for only those people who are 'in-the-know'.

It's hard to discover 'the' truth, and its hard to know about whatever you don't know. When you start searching for truth, you have to start by getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. The search for the truth and your own truth requires patience, making mistakes and searching for answers, even if you don't find them.

music is life

genre style influence label taste traditional contemporary avante-garde underground classical world mainstream popular punk techno house garage disco queer music minority communities ambient breaks hyperpop bubblegum bass noise broken rap hip-hop vinahouse EDM EBM IDM industrial vocaloid glitch VGM hardcore breakcore nucore metal darkwave goth witchcore

4 geeks only

file types .mp3 320kbps .wav .aiff bitrate Energy 7 key 200 BPM sync free download purchase stolen music sample mastering soulseek is my best friend daw

- darkside -

"i'm next level, so legit with all my
click, click, click, yeah."

-----Charli XCX


about: the universe

This section is full of external links to things around the internet-universe that might help teach you something that you don't know, or that you don't know you don't know.

|--clicks for information--|

every noise at once
--a clickable map of rather a lot of genres, maybe even every single one.
--a great music resource, full of articles and music available for listening.
--support your favourite (local) artists and purchase downloads.

|--clicks for fun--|

--some funny thing to change music, created by Holly Herndon.

|--clicks for software--|

music production tools

ableton live
this is a direct link to the free version
FL studio
also known as 'fruity loops'

live coding tools

tidal cycles
live coding software
pure data
another live coding software

DJing tools

free version, you can pay later if you want to upgrade to their other packages
free download for their 'lite' DJ software in link
serato also have other tools for music production
traktor DJ 2
traktor has a lot of functionality on-screen for mixing
free DJ software, popular tool for computer based DJing
WeDJ (app store)
WeDJ (google play store)
this is a useful tool if you have, or plan to get one of the budget pioneer controllers
djay PRO
this is a link to the desktop computer or laptop version of the software
you can also find apps for your phone on that website


Any information that you find outside of this website is not the opinion(s) of the owners, friends, participators or anyone involved with \..SG_CR../ Saigon Community Radio and therefore may actually be really useful.

stay inside \..SG_CR../

red slippers

There's no place like home.