You are in the toilet

about to do something naughty

                               ______________       __
                              [______________]    =)__)=
                               |            |      (__(
                               |            |      )__)            
                          _____|            |_____     
                        .`     |            |     `.         
                        |  '-._|            |_.-'  |  
                        |  |    \__________/    |  |        
            lc__________| .'______|      |______'. |_________      
                        | (       \      /       ) |
                       /  _)       |    |       (_  \  
                     _/ /|/       /|    |\       \|\ \_  
                    (__/ |       |o|    |o|       | \__) 

                                 POTTY TIME   


The toilet is a great place to think.

To have a good time.

It's a space where you can be on your own,
when things get too much.

Or you can go with other people,
for a different kind of fun.


Tiếng Việt / English

Meaningful graffiti and other aphorisms

verbal diarrhoea

vulgar hymen labia anus sex love taboo i <3 my sexual-health clinic gonorhea vagina moon cup itchy balls premature ejaculation herpes glans chlamydia genital warts AIDS HIV+ positive sexuality anal rejected outcast i'm experimenting right now... but I'll be straight when I'm older it's okay if you're straight top bot bottom arse hole flip flop versatile yaoi yay hentai is sexy bara is better rimming dom dominant glory hole quickie masc fem cis trans transgender transmen are real men transwomen masculinity femininity queer dyke nonbinary coming out asexuality is a sexuality grindr chem-sex having two boyfriends doesn't make me a bad person prick cunt vaginal fluid puss discharge scissoring dental dam condom wet semen shit a dirty shame ass vanilla pussy romance sadomasochism dominatrix ritual puppy play i am intersex XXY sounding has nothing to do with sound penis play orgasm cum spunk jizm golden shower piss play wank hard-on sexually transmitted disease infection STD STI choke gag reflex scat master slave fellatio oral blowjob deep throat nymphomaniac pervert fisting macrophilia vulgar

/\ Cut-Up /\/ Fold-In Game \/

are you feeling horny?


- drukQs -

Richard D. James released an album on Warp Records in 2001 called drukQs, under his popular alias, 'Aphex Twin'. This page has nothing to do with Aphex Twin. But here is a creepy GIF anyways.


cancer loading





- Advice, please! -

- - > "I think I'm an addict" < - -

fap comic

*fap fap fap* = <noise> the sound of masturbation.

- Is it OK to masturbate?
- Do other people masturbate as much as me?
- Why can't I stop myself from doing it?

Did you ever ask yourself these questions? Are you concerned that you might be addicted to masturbation? And do you want to do something about it?
Well, don't bother! There is nothing wrong with you. And if anyone tells you differently, show them this website!

Don't listen to people who tell you there's something wrong with you! Don't listen to Here's some advice, you should masturbate more! Not less. Discover you. Spend more time with your body. Learn everything there is to know about you.

- Sexual Health Links -

For actually useful advice about sexual health, talk to someone who won't make you feel embarrassed. There are a few sexual health clinics in Saigon. And there you will find helpful people who have heard it ALL. It's OK to feel shy, but don't hide it for too long. If something feels wrong with your body, there's no shame in talking about it. And if you have never told anyone about your same-sex relationship, these people will listen without judgement, and will keep your conversation confidential.

Pride & Prevention Center
Pride & Prevention Center (PPC World) is a sexual health clinic in District 1, Saigon.
Galant Clinic
Galant Clinic has a few centers in different districts around Saigon.
FV Hospital - Sexual Health Screening (en)
FV Hospital offers screening for STDs in District 7.

Sexual Health Screening @ Hospitals (info)

In Vietnam, not all hospitals offer Sexual Health services, but some do. Going to hospital for a screening may be easier for some people, but in general, clinics are good for focussed advice and support on sexual health in Vietnam.

Sexual Health Clinics (info)

Sexual Health Clinics are smaller than hospitals. You can often get seen very quickly at these places, but it is still worth booking an appointment in advance, as opening hours can vary. Smaller clinics are often very supportive of LGBT related issues around sex and sexuality. Check out the websites for more information.


Saigon Community Radio \..SG_CR../ does not apologise for harming or challenging the opinions of small-minded people that cannot or refuse to have conversations about the importance of sexual health. And encourages everyone to talk honestly, openly and more often about their sex lives.

stay inside \..SG_CR../

red slippers

There's no place like home.